i feel glitchy 💻

I didn’t update as i said i would. I’m a day late. 😦 About the film, Wonder Woman, i loooove the movie so much and i didnt expect that IT would be that good because i didnt really like the other DC films (sorry, DC fans). I’m more into Marvel tbh. But wonder woman was just […]

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going back to school 📚

Hi there. Right now we’re on our way to the cinema and we’re watching Wonder Woman. Is it good, guys? Im kinda excited to see it. So in my country school year is starting and this year i am going back to school. And i stopped going to school for three years (due to my […]

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emma watson as belle 🌷

Hi! Today i’m watching the beauty and the beast movie with my dorky brothers. I’m here on the couch waiting for them while they’re getting ready. They’re still playing, ugh, boys. The truth is im hesitant want to watch the beauty and the beast live-action movie bcause im scared im gonna cringe watching it (i […]

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some updates

Hey guys! I was just reading some articles from the rookiemag website when i realized that it has been so long since i last posted anything on this blog. So here i am! I don’t know why i havent been posting. I think i just dont know what to write about. There have been some […]

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stranger things 📺

I just finished watching stranger things on netflix in less than one day like wuuut. I watched it with my lil brother so there were lots of arguments while we were watching. Stranger things is the best thing ive ever watched. I cant believe its over like, it cant just finish like that. I was soo […]

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